Sometimes moving forward involves letting go of things that no longer serve their original function…

When I started Art for Cures in 2006 from my then-paper arts group, Non_Cents, it was with two-fold intention. As a starving artist, I wanted a way to give myself and other artists opportunities to give back to the world and do charitable with our work when we may not be in a position to support causes financially. The second reason became increasingly more important – to give those with illnesses, or those whose loved ones were battling, the opportunity to help and create hope for themselves and their families. As a 13-year LE survivor and Advocate, I know how important it is to be active in your recovery and how creativity contributes to healing and overall wellness.

The decision to shut down Art for Cures was not an easy one. The heartbreak and guilt of leaving it behind was something that I’ve dealt with for a long time, but after 8 years of doing it unassisted through my own often debilitating health concerns, I am finally at the point where I need to walk away.

We have done some beautiful things in the past 8 years and I have been blessed to have crossed paths with some incredible creatives. Over the next few weeks, when I have time, I will include a couple of pages – an artists page and a gallery - where you can meet all of our lovely contributors and see their work. I hope that you will take the time to visit them and get to know their wonderfully creative lives.

Where Do We Go From Here

Though Art for Cures will no longer exist as a group, I will still be running collaborative projects on occasion through my own site, Renmeleon. Letting go of AFC is allowing me to focus once again on my own work…


The Art for Cures page will remain on Facebook for a little while. I will, however, be closing down the FB group page sooner after I’ve notified everyone and made the shift.


Due to a lack of contributors, Pink@Heart is evolving into something different. Earlier this year we did a big push in Jacksonville at a live crowdfunding event. Pink@Heart was cheered on by over 3,000 people and we added almost 300 new names to the mailing list. Unfortunately, despite the support, we did not receive enough contributors to move the project forward in that form.

As the project is a very personal one for me, I will be making www.pinkdoesnotdefine.me into a book project site. I will be collecting information from survivors and writing my own book, “Pink Does Not Define Me”. Updates will be handled through my publishing company; I will provide more information here and via Renmeleon later.

Charitable Projects

Chelsae Youkers and I have been working on Once Upon a Cause for some time now. We are currently working on creating a campaign for Kickstarter that will help us produce decks of Concentration (Pairs) Playing Cards for children’s hospitals on a buy one-gift one model. We’ve been having a lot of fun with it so make sure to stop by and check it out. I’ll post information to Renmeleon as well as a link here.

The Remainders Shop

There are a few remainders that I will be putting up on the Art for Cures Etsy shop, will remain open until the last piece is sold. The charitable organization the proceeds are going to will be listed on each piece. Once everything has sold or been donated, the shop will close.

If you are interested in keeping touch with me, please feel free to go to the Contact page and drop me a note. I’ll add you to the Renmeleon mailing list and include you in on anything interesting. I will be handling updates regarding Art for Cures through Renmeleon from now on.

Much love and many thank yous to those who have support Art for Cures, and me, these past 8 years. It has been an honor to know you and have the chance to work collaboratively with you all, and I am grateful for the love you have shown our projects, myself, and my family. I wish you all happiness, wellness, and success in all you do.

Brightest blessings,


Art for Cures was a collective of artists from around the globe using their talents and skills as creatives to raise money and awareness for various charities through art auctions, direct sales, and publishing.